Job Information

Hilton Niseko Village

Work Place: Hilton Niseko Village
Working Hours: Shift Sytem
Working Period: From December 1 until the last day of March. (Will continue depending on the staff work performance)

Job Discription:Ski rental

Salary Hourly Wage: ¥900 (cut-off is on 20th day of the Month and salary day will be 25th on the following month)

Staff Uniform: Available

Actual expenses for new dormitory/ room:
¥15,000 (1 Room) There is also possibility for the staff meal at Employee's Cafeteria.
(Actual expenses are deducted to your salary)

Bed Making/ Bed Maker

Work Location: Sapporo Station Hotel
Time: 9:00 - 14:00
Hourly Wage: ¥800 and up
Days of Work: 4 - 5 times (Weekly)
Working Time: 4 - 5 hours (No break)

We can offer you this kind of jobs.

  • ・Contractual jobs
  • ・Factory works
  • ・Caregiving jobs
  • ・Horse rider
  • ・English Tagalog Spanish teacher
  • ・Interpreter
  • ・Lecturer
  • ・WEB designer
  • ・IT related engineer
  • ・Operating jobs , such as an event plan and sale
  • ・Clerical work , such as general office work , operating office work , and accounting
  • ・Medical welfare relation , such as a helper and a nurse aid
  • ・The catering trade staff , such as a chef , a dietitian , and a hall staff
  • ・The cleaning staff , such as housekeeper linen
  • ・A physical distribution , a warehouse , and the move related staff
  • ・Construction , interior , and the engineering-works related staff

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