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About Us

CAREER FORCE was incorporated 2002 by an astute businessman Mr.Kikuta who until today still heads this successful entity and has guided the company to the twenty first century limelight of the Sapporo business community.


In CAREER FORCE we envision an easy and harmonious working condition for local and foreign nationals, where both can work hand in hand towards the upliftment of each individual and the society. It is our mission to tap, enhance and maximize capabilities of the working class and attain work productivity without restraints and apprehensions from prevailing environmental, social, and language differences and other barriers. To give competent, professional direction and brotherly assistance to each worker. To arm them with the right attitude and perceptions to reach the coveted goals and attain a better Sapporo City.

Our company started by tapping into a limitless pool of Sapporo manpower, the working sector of men and women who possess the drive to work tirelessly and excel in their field of chosen endeavor and profession. We started to hire well-driven people to numerous institutions such as hospitals, health care giving entities, welfares, and homes for the aged.

Through the years, the company has excelled in its vision to provide quality manpower and workforce to its clients. As such we were awarded recognition by the Sapporo Chamber of Industry for continued pursuit to excellence. To date, we also run a school for distance learning for care giving.

In October 2008, we have expanded our services to include providing manpower for blue collar jobs to different companies and institutions in and around Sapporo. Through this program, not only are the Japanese citizens being tapped but foreign nationals who are residents of Sapporo and outlying areas, as well. Through this strategy a foreign national can seek short- or long-term jobs commensurate to his/her capabilities and competence.

To top it all, the Career Force as a manpower provider, also provides other workforce staffs such as Models, Interpreters, Caterers for foreign cuisine, and Entertainers like party magicians, singers and dancers, stage performers, and the like.

We encourage residents, non-residents, foreign nationals, students, and dependents who are seeking jobs from white collar to blue collar to get in touch with Career Force. Let us help you land that long awaited career opportunity.

From Consultants

marife Im Yamamori,Marife pobre , A Filipina .I’d been working in this company as a consultant.
Living here in Japan for almost 22 years now.
Sometimes I got confused what nationalism I am ,being combined in both countries culture and ethics , Is my treasure that I wanted to share .
My first year here in Japan was still fresh in my memories ,how hard it was to struggle, having difficulities in their language and of course their culture ,but then I tried to manage how to survived.
One thing I’ve learned is “ if you have the willingness and eagerness to learn nothing is impossible”
All you have to do is find a good person and the right company to trust.Its my pleasure to serve you.


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