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1. WEB Employment Registration

Please visit [ Job Registration Form / Other Country ] under the Employment Registration Form from this Website.

After the Registration form is successfully sent, you will receive an email confirmation from our Company.

2. Job Order

Once a new Job Order released from our Company Partners, one of the Career Force Staff will send you an email letter to get your updated Resume/ Curriculum Vitae with updated white background picture

3. Scanning

Career Force will scan the proceeds’ resume from the registered applicants to check who are qualified applicants for the new Job Order released.

4. Requests

Once all the resumes are scanned, Career Force staff will email all the selected applicants to send the clear copy of the necessary documents (all certificates and credentials listed on the resume).

5. Resume-screening process

Please ready all the possible internet applications/ connections make sure it always online. Expect that one of our company representative will call you for your initial interview.

6. Confirmation

Once you’ve passed the initial interview, Career Force will send you an email letter to let you know that your resume has forwarded to the Employer.

7. The Finale

Our company representative will schedule your interview to the Employer.

Online the possible internet applications/ connections to reach you by the Employer for your final interview.

8. Congratulations

Once you’ve passed your final interview with the employer. Our Company representative will conytact you as soon as possible to explain what you are going to do next.

9. Forwarded (Philippine only)

You will be forwarded to our local Philippine agency and expect that the local agency will contact you to report in their main office.

10. Waiting-period

Please be advised that processing of documents will takes 1 to 2 Months longer. Your patience is highly needed.

11. Updated

Expect that from time to time you will be guided by our Company representative from your first documents processing until your flight to Japan.

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